Astrologie Robert von Heeren

Astrologyservices on Twitter by Robert von Heeren

Precise computations of ascendant, midheaven and rise/set/culmination of planets for cities around the world

Robert von Heeren points at a natal chart Robert is very active on Twitter. His main public account is: @robertvonheeren where he is in permanent contact with people from all over the world discussing topics like e.g. news, astrology, astronomy, tarot, photography, art, seo and much more mainly in English, sometimes also in German. He has currently more than 230 followers. From this account Robert also posts interesting astrological and astronomical data and events several times a day. Among his tweets he spreads for example exact time and date when the Sun, Moon or planet moves into a new sign of the zodiac/ecliptic (a so called ingress). He also tweets infos when planets (or asteroids or Centaurs!) form an exact astrological angle like e.g. conjunctions and several other interesting data like e.g. exact time and date of New or Full Moon, the beginning of the seasons etc. If you want to to follow his tweets, just set up an free account at Twitter, search for Roberts' alias robertvonheeren and click on follow to join the conversation! If you are new to Twitter, here is a comprehensive Twitter guidebook by mashable. Twitter also provides enhanced search commands for public search timelines.
Because Robert is also a webconsultant and -developer he programmed as a worldwide premiere on Twitter a free service, which posts in regular intervals (currently every 30 minutes) using Twitter's official API to his following additional new accounts accurate and actual positions of:

  • The astrological ascendant (AC)
  • The astrological medium coeli (also known as midheaven, MC)
  • The local rise, set and culmination events of the Sun, Moon and planets!


    Due to the fact that the ascendant and midheaven computations are very sensitive to time and location, the data are provided currently for more than 80 cities worldwide in 30 minute intervals. This will be even enhanced in the future to cover more cities and regions. To avoid overpopulation of the public timelines of the new account Robert decided to split this service into four accounts where every account is dedicated to some continents of the globe:

    • For European cities: @acmc_clock_euro
    • For Asian cities: @acmc_clock_asia (since 12/22 18:30 UT)
    • For North and South American cities: @acmc_clock_amer (since 12/22 18:30 UT)
    • For all other cities: @acmc_clock
    • New additional service: @daily_astrodata Starting on February 5th 2011 0 hours GMT/UT, this service provides daily information regarding New Moon, Full Moon and other astronomical events and also when Sun, Moon or a planet moves into the next zodiac sign. It posts also the exact times when an astrological angle between two planets occurs on the current day. The service updates always once around midnight for the next upcoming day!
    These cities are for example currently (February 2011) provided with the mentioned data streams: Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Kopenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague, Moskow, London, Dublin, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Reykjavic, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Istanbul, Ankara, Lissabon, Madrid, Belgrad, Sofia, Bukarest, Warsaw, Delhi, Bombay, Bangkok, Tokio, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tunis, New York, Houston (Texas), Vancouver (Canada), Buenos Aires, Kapstad, Kairo, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, Sydney and many more!
    This service can work for you like an astrological and astronomical clock, because the computations are always uptodate! The time is given in worldtime, which is Universal time UT. The time conversions from your local time zone of your city are done by the programm automatically. Twitter always displays the tweets in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent and actual posts. Twitter also shows the time of the tweet. The „clocks“ are intended to give you an impression of the local astrological and astronomical differences and unique local quality of time which is self-evident to astrologers.
    So this is just the beginning! Robert will add more cities from more countries and thinks about other new and interesting astrological and astronomical features and services on Twitter. So stay tuned! Look here for any news announcements and follow his accounts. Also: any suggestions, bug reports regarding these services are welcome. Just send me an email to the address provided within the footer below or send me a tweet to my robertvonheeren account!
    Tip: the given ascendant and medium coeli degrees are accurate for about one arcdegree within 10 minutes and a 20 kilometer-radius of the given city.